Our Approach

We offer clear, complete lesson plans so teachers can teach great lessons every day.

Our writers are teachers who are also scientists and engineers. We have teamed up to create the middle school NGSS-aligned science curriculum you need:

  • Daily 5E lesson plans for the entire school year
  • Teacher guides and materials lists
  • Easy to implement and use
  • Works with integrated or discipline-specific course sequence
  • Less expensive than a textbook or online program

“With the NGSS, robust instructional materials are even more important, as three-dimensional learning requires changes that are significantly different from previous instructional practice and not particularly well supported by the most common textbook… Ultimately, for the vast majority of teachers and districts, writing their own instructional materials will not be nearly as feasible as partnering or purchasing well-designed ones.”

— from NGSS District Implementation Indicators published March 2017

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a free consultation, contact us at info@impactscience.co.

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