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Our Approach

Great science education starts with well-supported educators, so we’ve created a program designed to help teachers be the best teachers they can be to inspire their students.

We offer clear, complete lesson plans so teachers can teach great lessons every day.

We are middle school teachers from California with experience in various science fields and engineering. We teamed up to create the middle school curriculum that we all need for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS):

  • Daily step-by-step 5E lesson plans with accommodation tags—the resources you need to support student learning
  • Carefully-sequenced course design that is inquiry-driven with hands-on learning
  • Robust teaching resources for flexible implementation because teachers are the experts and know what is best for their students
  • Both Integrated and Discipline-Specific programs available
  • Less expensive than a textbook or online program

We partner with schools and districts to make high-quality science education a reality for every student.

Implementing NGSS using
Impact Science

Impact Science uses hands-on activities to create student engagement!

We developed our program in collaboration with teachers!

  • With the NGSS, robust instructional materials are even more important, as three-dimensional learning requires changes that are significantly different from previous instructional practice and not particularly well supported by the most common textbook… Ultimately, for the vast majority of teachers and districts, writing their own instructional materials will not be nearly as feasible as partnering or purchasing well-designed ones."

— from NGSS District Implementation Indicators published March 2017

Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guides have complete 5E lesson plans (plus elicit questions and extensions) written for standard 45-minute class periods:

  • an Opener to engage students right away, and elicit students’ ideas and conceptions
  • an experiment, project, design challenge, or other activity that give students a chance to explore together
  • notes for a class discussion so students can explain what they have learned and the teacher can elaborate with new terms and information
  • an extension for students who finish early or need more challenge
  • an Exit Card to evaluate whether the lesson met its main goal and to serve as a daily formative assessment


Teacher Resources


A one to two page narrative with background information for the teacher, a description of topics and activities and how they connect to the storyline, a three-column NGSS standards chart, plus a materials list and vocabulary for the unit.


Planning Chart:

This spreadsheet helps with planning, showing the progression of lessons at a glance, including the number of days per lesson, and key concepts, main activities, vocabulary, and materials needed for each day.


Correlation Chart:

This shows the standards covered per lesson: NGSS, Common Core ELA and Math, ELD, and California Environmental Principles and Concepts. Corresponding tags in the lessons point these out as well.

Assessments Continuum

A full array of formative and summative assessments complement each unit.





Start of unit

Exit Card

End of each lesson

Interim Assessment

> 1/2 way through unit

Performance Assessment Rubric

Unit project

Summative Assessment

End of unit

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