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Our programs are delivered digitally, but optional print versions make them flexible to use for a variety of school settings.

The lessons do not require students to have an electronic device—except to do web research or use public domain resources to enrich and extend lessons. Our program includes lesson plans and other resources, mostly in PDF files, with a few audio and video files.

When schools or districts license the curriculum, they will have access to all the files and may load them onto their district server for teachers to access. Teachers can download and view the files on their computers, and project, play, or print out as desired. Schools that prefer print versions to minimize the need for photocopying may purchase print copies as well, in various configurations. Schools that have 1 to 1 devices and their own content management system will be able to use and manage the files digitally, minimizing the need for paper.

Flexible to use in a variety of ways

Digital files for teachers

Files can be printed, projected, or shared digitally.

OpenerExplore WorksheetExit Card and Homework

$12 per student per year for a 1-year license

$11 per student per year for a 5-year license

$10 per student per year for an 8-year license

Reading Resource for Lesson 1

Lesson Plan (teacher guide + student materials)

Print versions and professional development are also available as optional add-ons.

No kits are needed. Lessons and projects use commonly available materials that can be ordered from suppliers, or gathered or purchased locally.

For sample lessons see the Sample Curriculum tab, or contact us at
or (510) 559-9332.

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