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Products for Purchase

All files are delivered in Google Drive, but optional print versions make them flexible to use for a variety of school settings.

Our programs are designed for the way you want to teach, and come with everything you need.

The lessons do not require students to have an electronic device—except to do web research or use public domain resources to enrich and extend lessons. Our program includes lesson plans and other resources, all in Google Docs format, with audio and video files, Spanish edition of all student materials, lesson slideshows, and both printable and online assessments.

Flexible to use in a variety of ways

Our Google Docs format means that files can be printed or projected as you wish—or shared digitally using Google Classroom or other learning management systems.


Step-By-Step Daily Lesson Plans

Clear teacher-created 5E lesson plans have built-in differentiation tips and just the right amount of background information to make your lesson planning easier.

Investigation-Based Lessons

Kids learn best by doing. Energize your class with hands-on investigations, engineering design challenges, and inquiry projects that your students will remember.

Comprehensive Assessments Package

Created in partnership with WestEd, the unit assessments are keyed to Performance Expectations. 3D project rubrics and daily formative assessments in every lesson provide the insight you need to maximize learning for all your students.

Flexible delivery

Use our program in whatever format works best for you! We offer flexible delivery with optional print versions of teacher and student materials. (Print your own or order print components.)

Spanish edition

In addition to our complete Spanish edition, our Google Drive format makes it easy to translate our resources into virtually any other language for your other EL students.

Materials made easy

Our grade-by-grade materials lists are customizable. Order only what you need from our material supply partner, Flinn Scientific. See the Product Support tab to download easy-to-use order forms.

Professional development

We are here to support your implementation with flexible in-person and/or virtual training. See the Product Support tab for more information.

Lesson Slideshows to Facilitate Instruction

Student Pages to Print or Share Digitally

Readings That Relate to Classroom Activities and Student

Experiences for Better Comprehension

Video Clips of Phenomena for Class Discussion

Print or Online Unit Assessments

Lesson-level probing questions give you insight into students’ thinking and learning. Unit-level assessments show progress across pre-, interim, and post-assessments, as well as unit performance assessments with 3D Rubrics. Google Forms versions work in Google Classroom, or can be set up to work with your LMS—or you can use print versions if you prefer.

You can also use our assessments on the Naiku Platform. Special pricing is available on the Naiku Assessment Platform for Impact Science customers. Contact us for details.


Our program comes with a uniquely teacher-friendly array of resources to support quality instruction and student learning—all ready to use or to customize as you wish.

Questions? See our FAQs or contact us at (510) 559-9332.

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